Heat of July and Hair Dye

July 24, 2015

Hello! So a couple of interesting things happened around here this week. So I’m just gonna start with this. Now, I live in the south. And it is the middle of July, which is the beginning of the hottest part of the year for us where I live. Also its HUMID. So its basically, at the very least, 85 degrees outside plus humidity from 10:00 AM to about 8:00 PM. And just as luck would have it our AC went out Tuesday afternoon. We had every fan on in the house, doors and windows open, welcoming any kind of breeze. We couldn’t get the AC fixed til the next day and my best friend also was staying the night with me Tuesday (Pretty Little Liars is our fave show so Tuesday is our little bff day). Now, I’m one of those people who likes to have the room freezing so I can sleep with a bunch of blankets and pillows. I can’t sleep if its warm. And it was the most muggy, stale, humid night in there, it was miserable. My poor dog just kept panting and wouldn’t eat, he just laid near the door.  But the AC guy came and fixed it Wednesday so YAY!

The other interesting (and actually exciting) thing that happened is my sister dyed parts of her hair! Her absolute favorite color is purple and last summer she got purple ombre put in her hair. This year, my mom got creative and tried to dye her hair  with a kit.

We picked this up at Walmart and they have a bunch of different colorsIMG_0517



We had to put the bleach in the clear bottle and let her hair for about an hour ( because she has thick dark brown hair like the rest of us). After that we had to rinse, shampoo, and dry her hair before we could put the purple on. My mom was so nervous.


After we put the purple on, we had to let it sit for another hour (we added about 20 minutes onto the end of that for good measure). Then rinse, shampoo and condition, and dry. It ended up looking somewhat magenta or red/purple but she loves it. The lines aren’t perfect, we might have missed a couple places (which my mom isn’t too happy about) but my sister loves it!! It was our first time so trial and error I guess. We are definitely NOT professionals at this. But if she’s happy, we are happy.


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