Snow Storm 2016!

January 25, 2016

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Hello everyone! This weekend, starting on Thursday night, a huge snowstorm hit the East Coast! It affected everywhere from DC all the way down to Georgia! It wasn’t too bad where I live. Other parts of NC didn’t even really get much more than ice! Mom and I went to the store Thursday and stocked up on food and some other things! They cancelled school and work (for me anyways) on Friday because it snowed, rained, and sleeted all night, day, and then night again! We’ve all been cooped up for the past three days in here but it’s been really nice actually. (I’m a homebody, what can I say)

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Unfortunately, I have somehow caught a small cold (maybe it was from being out in the cold? I don’t know) so I’m curled up in my bed watching High School Musical (yes I am 20 years old and watching High School Musical, sue me) while working on homework. Its starting to melt a little bit now. Life starts again tomorrow; mini vacation over!

I hope everyone who was in the middle of the storm stayed as warm, dry, and safe as possible!

P. S.


I tried to take a nice, cute picture of Baxter but he jumped up and started running right when I took it. This was the end result (which I laughed at for a very long time)!

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