Meet My Best Friend

November 19, 2016


So it’s about time I officially introduce my best friend! In a little over a week, we are going on a suuuuuuper exciting trip together and she will probably be in 90% of the pictures so I figured why not let y’all get to know her first!

You may have seen her in some posts before but this is my best friend Abby. I asked her several questions for you guys to get to know her but before that, I want to say a few words. Abby is so fun. She is also probably the funniest person I know, next to my sister. Honestly, we are crying tears of laughter AT LEAST twice every single time we are together. She’s my forever concert going partner. She doesn’t care how many times it takes to get the perfect picture. She is so kind and loving. She is so ambitious! Honestly, she’s not afraid to try anything and I am in awe of that. I admire her for her ability to put herself out there to get what and where she wants. I have never met someone so much like me! I love her not only because she stays up all night watching Teen Wolf/ Notorious/ PLL  and whatever else with me, loves to fangirl, talks in our weird and made-up British accent, goes on crazy adventures, but also because she loves me for me. She doesn’t care if we do nothing or become couch potatoes. Only with her can we go from a crazy dance/karaoke sesh to a serious heart to heart in seconds. She is understanding, non-judgmental, and accepting of me and everything I want to do! She brings me out of my shell and I love it. Love ya bff like a big fish! (inside joke)


Who are you, how did we meet, and tell us about yourself?

I am Abby, I am me, me am I. We met in 8th grade, with two other girls Anna and Taylor, because we didn’t know anyone else at lunch. I love my best friend. I love music, talking in weird accents with you, and watching Teen Wolf.

What is the 1 one place in the world that you want to go before you die?

Spain (insert cheetah girls 2 reference here)!

If you could sit down with 3 people dead or alive, who and why?

Calum Hood because I love him, I wanna say Audrey Hepburn because I don’t know she’s great, and Walt Disney because obviously. (hint hint at our trip!)



What is your favorite memory of ours together?

ROWYSO, meeting Kian and JC, and every time we are together because we have a good time! We met Shawn Mendes together which was cool!  When we watch sad movies and cry together. Dressing up as Calpal and Smash for Halloween! So many great memories, it’s hard to pick!



What do you want be remembered for?

Being funny, because I am. (jk jk but not really, wink wink)

What something you always wanted to do?

Surfing. JK Inflatable water thing. Water skiing, tubing.

What would you name your autobiography of your life up until right now?

Fangirl or workaholic.


What is your favorite thing about our best friendship?

How much alike we are. We are on the same wavelength in our brains. We can know what we’re talking about without saying a word!

What’s your fave song rn?

You can’t ask me that! That’s too hard!

What’s a movie that you hate?

Paper Towns, it sucked. It was not what I expected at all!


Embarrassing moment

That time, freshman year I think, when I came into your history class because the wire on my braces popped out and Mr. L tried to fix it with pliers or something! It wasn’t really that embarrassing but it was in the middle of class!

Our hardest laughing moment?

Whenever we were in my old car, usually crazy dancing to music or late at night in your house. When I almost broke the stapler at your house and update the whole thing on snapchat. Who knows with our humor honestly!

And lastly, what’s your favorite positive or motivational quote that keeps you going?

“Life’s not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” It was even my senior quote!



Abby, I love ya girl. From broken hearts, to concerts, to graduations, and even getting caught in a torrential downpour, I’m so happy you’re my best friend!Thank you for pushing me, pulling me out of my comfort zone every once in awhile, laughing, singing, being silly, and sometimes even crying with me. You’ll be here forever and I am so so happy. And thank you for being here on my blog!

And to anyone reading, I hope you find or have already found your best friend. It’s great to have someone like this to be close with and always be there!

xoxo Ariana (and Abby!)

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