First Month of “Senior” Year | Fall Semester 2017

October 2, 2017

Hey y’all! So I’ve started my senior year of college. Technically, I’m a second semester junior (which means I’m just a semester behind in a traditional school year!) but my last semester of my actual senior year is going to be student teaching! I will hardly ever be on campus! So I’m considering this as my senior year and it’s been interesting so far!


Fall Semester 2017

It has officially been (over) four weeks into the semester. I decided I would document my last couple of semesters every month. This post will cover until the end of September! This is a pretty unique period in anyone’s life and I can’t believe I’ve actually been in college for this long! I’ve changed SO much (for the better!) in just the past year I can hardly believe it.


So this semester, I ended up having to take 18 credit hours. Which is a full course load and I’ve never done that before! It’s kinda scary and nerve-wracking but I’m just taking it one day at a time and trying to keep on top of things. There’s a small issue, kind of, with my minor classes so I’ve been dealing and praying about that. It’s a bit stressful but again, one day at a time. I love pretty much all my classes so far! We haven’t really gotten into clinicals yet but the material for the classes is actually fun (#nerd I know).

YLI Application

In case you didn’t know, I’m an Elementary Education major. At my school, the second to last semester is called Year Long Internship (YLI). It jump starts our student teaching and we start networking with our classroom teacher! It’s reall exciting but there was a bit of an application process and a couple of required meetings. I turned in my application the first week of September so is should find out in December where I’m going to be placed!


This semester, I felt so good and excited because I finally have a group of friends to hang out with. This may sound totally lame but the first couple of years of college, I kinda just went to class and then hung out by myself. I mean I would still text my close friends but I was kind of lonely. Since I’m now in my major, I’m making solid friends that are actually in all my classes and I love them! It definitely changes the college experience! It’s nerve wracking enough so be sure to get out there and make friends!


Another thing I have decided for this semester is that I’m going to get involved in at least one club! I would really like to join a Bible study but I need to find one that works with my schedule, especially as a commuter! It’s scary for me to do this kind of thing by myself but I’m really going to try to put myself out there! It’s senior year and I need to make the most of this beautiful campus while I’m here.  I’m still working on this one because of my crazy schedule and not living on campus but I do want to get involved at some point!



Semester Goals:

  • Get all A’s
  • Go to one club meeting
  • Make at least two new friends
  • Go to one game of (almost) every available sport in the fall

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