Valentine’s Day Cupcakes!

By on February 14, 2016

IMG_9190Happy Sunday everyone and also, Happy Valentine’s Day! What a great day to celebrate love! Whether it’s romantic love, family love, or friendship love, it’s nice to set aside time to let people know they are loved (even though it’s mostly for romantic love, us single chickens have to have some fun too)! I decided to celebrate by baking some lovely cupcakes. I recently bought the Duncan Hines Strawberry Cheesecake cupcake mix. Everything was included except eggs, vegetable oil, butter and water. (All the directions are on the back of the box!)



IMG_8989 2

After I left out a stick of butter for a little while to soften for the frosting, I mixed all the ingredients together for the batter. I poured the batter in the cups for about half full! I then let them bake at 350 degrees for 21 minutes. (It said 18-23 so I just shot for the middle!)

IMG_8991 2

While they were baking, I mixed together the butter, water, and frosting mix! I then used the talled cup I have to spoon the frosting into the frosting bag!

IMG_8990 2

IMG_8993 2

IMG_8994 2

All done! I am no master at frosting cupcakes so they’re a little messy but I think they turned out well. They’re a nice little Valentine treat! I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s day! See you next Sunday xx

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Happy Halloween!

By on November 3, 2015


It’s the Monday after Halloween! Now it’s time to get excited about Thanksgiving and CHRISTMAS! This is my favorite time of year and I’m excited to have more posts coming up, especially holiday season ones! But for now, I’m going to share with you my Halloween weekend. I didn’t do much, since my best friend went to Oklahoma to see her brother. My sister went to a Halloween party, so I just stayed in and watched House of Wax with my parents (low key I didn’t mind because nights in are actually my favorite).

Mom and I decided to be creative and fun and make caramel apples! It was our first time and they didn’t turn out exactly as perfect as we wished but they actually weren’t that bad. I love cooking and baking and Mom had fun too! We found this cute ribbon at Walmart that had little witch hats on it, so we tied them in plastic wrap with it! So cute! We sent some with my sister to her party too. She went as Little Red Riding Hood, so they sat in her basket nicely. It was actually kind of funny. But she looked super cute and had fun at the party!










I had a great, relaxing Halloween weekend! I loved swiping through Instagram and seeing everyone’s costumes! How was your Halloween weekend? Love y’all!

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