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By on December 14, 2016


I loveeee vlogmas. Like blogmas, on YouTube, Youtubers decide to daily vlog from December 1-December 24, all Christmas-y! I always look forward to catching up on Christmas vlogs every year, at the end of my day. Or even if I can’t keep up, I binge watch my favorites the week after Christmas.

Today I bring you my top three that I love watching!

  1. Zoella- Zoe Sugg

It is no secret that Zoe is my favorite YouTuber to watch. I’m pretty sure I have mentioned her on the blog before. She is just so adorable, so funny, relatable, AND an avid Christmas lover! She does vlogmas every year and hers are my number one favorites every year! Last year and this year, she has also done 24 Days of Zoella on her main channel , where she posts a new Christmas main channel video every day until Christmas! I love watching her Christmas fun with her friend Mark, boyfriend Alfie, and cutest pug Nala!

2. Aspyn and Parker 

I watch Aspyn and Parker regularly and I just love them. They have been married for over a year and I love watching their adventures together! They travel the world and have their own store They sell the cutest clothes and shoes, it’s amazing y’all. Their vlogmas videos are so adorable and I love Aspyn’s Christmas decor with bright and modern colors!

3. Morgan Yates

Y’all, I love Morgan. Maybe it’s because she is also from North Carolina or maybe because we have the same level of sarcasm but she is just so fun to watch. Her style and Instagram are #goals to be honest. She’s in college (like me) therefore I find her videos really relatable and honest! She also has a fun main channel .Her vlogmases are so cute in her house with all her roommates and at home with her family. I love following her adventures!


There ya have it! Three fun and completely different vlogmases to watch and get you in the Christmas spirit! These are only 3 that I watch, there are definitely more that I watch sometimes! Life is so busy that right now 3 is all I can keep up with for right now!


Whose vlogmas do you love to watch?! Or have you ever watched vlogmas before? Let me know!

xoxo Ariana


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DIY Last Minute Halloween Shirts

By on October 31, 2016


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FOMO is real (feeling of missing out). Everybody is posting pictures at Halloween parties and in costume and I kinda got sad that I didn’t have anywhere to go or any reason to dress up this year! I plan on having a night in and watching some not-so-scary Halloween(ish) movies. Well, instead of being down about it, I decided to do something about it! I scouted the internet to get some ideas but ultimately I just made it up myself as I went!


So what I did is I decided to make a jack-0-lantern shirt and my sister joined in and made a ghost shirt! I looked around on the internet and saw that some people made stencil with adhesive paper, some people used fabric paint but since this was super last minute, I didn’t have time to mess with that! I also had a very low budget and fortunately, I bought all my supplies for under $15!

What you need:

  • a shirt
  • Felt
  • scissors
  • glue gun

That’s it! Only four things! I already had a glue gun and scissors at home.

I just googled “jack-o-lantern t shirt stencil” and went to images. There are plenty of different options to choose from! I used this and my sister used this.


Step one:

Outline your stencil on the felt. I used a silver metallic Sharpie that I had so I could see it! Don’t be afraid to mess up, you’re going to flip it to the opposite side when gluing so you won’t see the marker.



Step Two:

Cut out all your shapes. LET IT BE KNOWN. Cutting felt is not as easy as you think. I spent about 15 minutes on one eye before I switched scissors (changed my life y’all) but it still wasn’t a piece of cake. It’s not hard if your scissors cut easy through it but it’s definitely not paper.

Step Three: 

Lay out all shapes to see where you like them. I then place a hand towel inside the shirt (I don’t really know if this served a purpose but it made me feel better). Now just heat up your glue gun and glue the pieces on! (If you are younger than 16, I would double check with a parent or adult if its okay for you to use one by yourself. If not, ask for help!)



Now just let it dry and they should be ready to go! This was so easy, cheap, and fun to do with my sister! I think they turned out so cute!!

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What are y’all’s costumes for Halloween? I’m super interested to know!!

Happy Halloweeeeen!


xoxo Ariana

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By on October 24, 2016







I loooove fashion. I even like to think that I know a thing or to about style and some of my favorite fashion trends are fall ones! I now have a greater appreciation for all fashion bloggers! FORREAL. It’s really difficult to get somebody to take a picture the way you see it in your head AND pose in a not awkward way! I think my mom did pretty good with the pictures though (she’s my MVP) and I’ll just keep practicing my posing!

Okay so this is a small compilation of outfits but I squeezed out some super MICRO mini photoshoots on our family mountain trip this past weekend! We were up there during peak week so I tried to take advantage of the beautiful leaf colors!

I just so happened to walk into Target when there’s a BOGO sale going on with the sweaters. So I bought some. AND I got to breakout the $7 dollar spot blanket scarf I got from there too.

green sweater // cream sweater (similar) // boots (similar) // scarf (similar)

I would really like to do more posts like this, even though I don’t really splurge that much (hello college). I try to shop sales, bargains, etc. as much as I can! But the fun part is styling the items so that’s most likely the way these posts will be!

Also, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest!

What are your favorite fall fashion trends?!

xoxo Ariana


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Comfy But Cute Outfits For Spring/Summer!

By on May 8, 2016


3 college (2)

Do you like to look cute but feel comfortable? I know I do. But no matter how cute it is, the less comfortable it is, the more I will turn away from it. And sometimes, the price of comfort is not looking cute and fashionable. So, I have for you today three outfits that I wear quite a lot that are super cute but also super comfortable! These work especially well for college so I’m writing this post as a sort of comfortable college outfit guide as well.

IMG_9170 2


IMG_9180 2                                                pants (similar here)// shirt// sandals

A simple t-shirt goes well with pants that are this patterned! I LOVE patterned pants, especially when they are this light breezy material. Some people may have a problem with the elastic waistband but I actually love it. I hate when pants are too tight and there’s no give. But with this, it fits your body where it needs too! I wear this to class a lot actually. I can easily just throw on a sweater to keep warm in the cold classrooms!

IMG_9192 2

IMG_9198 2

IMG_9197 2

IMG_9189 2

IMG_9203 2

IMG_9193 2

                                                     dress (similar here) // sandals

This has quickly become my go to outfit for everything! Class, going out shopping, out to dinner, you name it! In fact, I actually wore this yesterday shopping with my mom! It is SOOO comfortable. It feels like you are wearing a giant, soft t-shirt. Last summer, I was on the hunt for a dress JUST like this but couldn’t find the right one. I’m so glad I held out for this one! Also, does anyone else agree that Target sandals are the best? I seriously own so many sandals from there. These are so comfortable and do not rub my feet in any way! I can wear them for long periods of time and still my feet feel great!

IMG_9221 2

IMG_9232 2

IMG_9224 2

                                              overalls // t-shirt (similar here) // shoes

Did anyone else live in short overalls as a kid or is it just a southern thing? Either way, I used to wear these ALL the time (well not these specific ones, but you get the picture). I even went through a phase where I absolutely hated them. But, the trend came back around and they’re so cute! I love pairing mine with a black and white t-shirt (my shirt has a hidden Mickey Mouse on the pocket!) and my trusty red Keds. But honestly, any color, plain, patterned, or graphic t-shirt would work! It is easy to reflect your own personality through the outfit, like my Mickey! The overalls I got are sort of a stretchy denim, which I really liked because I have a love-hate relationship with denim. I don’t feel like they are cutting off my circulation! They’re breathable and easy to move in, which makes them super comfy! These work well for college as they are easy to relax in class in and you still look like you put effort into your outfit!


Hopefully you will try out these outfits or similar one, or these outfits inspired some of your own ideas! Either way, I hope you enjoyed this post! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @absolutelyariana1! I am so excited for this summer and already have so many posts in my head!

xoxo Ariana


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Happy Easter! 2016

By on March 28, 2016


One of my favorite holidays! Y’all know I love Christmas, the whole season, but the older I get, the more I just really love Easter. It’s the beginning of spring, warm weather, and beautiful flowers. But the reason why I love Easter so much is because its Resurrection Sunday.

Jesus died on that cross for me, took my punishment for my sins before I was even born yet. How AMAZING is that? Every year, I interpret the story differently. Every year I grow more appreciative, more faithful, and more loved by God. When I was little, I loved Easter because I knew we celebrated Jesus dying and coming back and I loved seeing everyone dressed up. But now I love it for all of those reasons and MORE. It makes me emotional. Three days after he was betrayed, crucified, and buried, he performed his greatest miracle and came back. Now He lives and He’s coming back again!

As I mentioned above, another reason I love Easter is because everyone dresses to the nines and its so much FUN. Especially if you’re a girl who loves dresses (AKA me). So I’m just gonna leave you with some pictures from my day with my family! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter, whether you celebrate the holiday or not. 🙂 ALSO I’m now on spring break, yay!!!

IMG_9022 1

IMG_9021 1


Baxter was over all the chaos this morning!

IMG_9029 1

IMG_9035 1

IMG_9033 1

IMG_9047 1



dress // shoes // necklace


xoxo Ariana

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College Outfit Ideas

By on September 29, 2015

One of my favorite things in the world is clothes and fashion. Sometimes I love to dress up, sometimes I just really love casual and comfortable clothes, but 98% of the time I want to look cute. (leaving that 2% for those sick days or days where I just don’t care). Clothes and fashion are such a wonderful way to express yourself and show the world who you are. I love wearing an outfit that I feel good in, I love dressing for me! If it happens to impress or look nice to others, that’s just a bonus. Always dress for yourself!

I went to a high school where there was a general uniform so I learned to express “taste” through accessories and doing my hair. When I graduated and went to college it was like a whole new world. I could  suddenly wear anything I wanted! After being in college for a full year, I fell into that rut of “wearing whatever is easy and comfortable” which also meant, not always the cutest outfit either. So as I’m growing, my taste is changing sometimes, trends are changing, and I’ve learned that I prioritize comfort way more than I used to. So I think I might do a series of posts like this, but this is just a general starting point. I’m here to share some of my go to outfits for the beginning of the school year, when it’s still warm and you can squeeze in those last summer outfits! This doesn’t even need to be a college specific post, these could even be for high school too. But, anyways, here we go, my three go-to outfits in college!

  1. High-wasted shorts and tucked in t-shirt


This is what I wore on the first day of classes this year. I lived in these shorts this summer! They were button up, somewhat high-wasted jean shorts with a crochet trim. I also LOVE this t-shirt! It has a cute, little red outline of Mickey Mouse on the pocket (I am a Disney fanatic). i paired with my good ole red Keds and a red hair bow! I love hair bows, I always have. I wore them all the time when I was a little girl and they just pull the outfit together very nicely. I like this outfit because these shorts are very comfortable, not too tight or restricting (like some jeans and shorts can be). Tennis shoes are always a cute and comfortable addition to an outfit as well. Its somewhat minimal but still looks like you thought about your outfit!

2: Casual, Light Dress


Another one of my favorite outfits to wear is just a light, casual dress. This can be a sundress or any kind of dress really. My favorite one is this super comfy t-shirt dress. It has a nice swing in the shirt, its such soft material, and its only one article of clothing! (no pants, yay!!!) You can’t see in the picture but I just have a pair of black sandals on to go with it. I just add some earrings, a necklace, and sometimes a sweater and you’re good to go!


This is what I wore today! It was cloudy and has been raining for almost a week so excuse the craziness of this photo. All I’m wearing is a cami tank top with a light little cardigan, a cute scarf, and skinny jeans. Add some black converse and you got a casual cute outfit!


Now, don’t be fooled! I also wear gym shorts/leggings and tshirts/sweatshirts a good 40% of the time. Which, in my opinion, there is nothing wrong with that! I just try to balance out those days with days where I put effort into my look! I plan on doing posts like this every so often, sort of like a series! So be on the lookout for more posts like these! Hope you enjoyed!

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