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2016 RECAP

By on January 3, 2017

Wow, I cant believe it’s already a new year! 2016 was a big year for me. So many amazing, incredible, once in a lifetime things happened to me and I’m so blessed for it all! Let’s have a recap, shall we?


Things that happened in 2016:

  • Turned 20 years old
  • Met Sadie Robertson at her book signing which resulted in the funniest picture EVER
  • The Panthers made it to the Super Bowl (gotta represent the home team!)
  • Graduated with a 2 year degree (at the same time my cousin graduated with hers!)
  • Baby sister turned 16 *cries*

  • Traveled to Nashville for the first time (You can read about it here,here, and here!)
  • Got accepted into my #1 school
  • Road tripped with my mom, sister, and best friend to Atlanta to meet Kian &JC on tour
  • Got Abby hooked on Teen Wolf
  • Took my sister with myself and Abby to soundcheck at the 5SOS concert
  • Went with my family to see Lindsey Stirling perform the next day (read about both concerts here!)

  • Had all four of my wisdom teeth removed
  • Traveled to Baton Rouge and New Orleans, where I check off a life bucket list item of eating at Cafe Du Monde
  • Had the annual family beach trip to Sanibel immediately after

  • FREAKED OUT over the PLL summer finale
  • Got obsessed with a handful of amazing new television shows
  • Celebrated my one year blogiversary!
  • Babysat A TON (and I wouldn’t have had it any other way, love those kiddos!)
  • Traveled back to Atlanta with my dad and sister for Dragon Con (and met some of Hollywood’s finest)

  • Started my first semester at my new school
  • Took a “Children’s Literature” course that was about comic books and superheroes and the homework was to watch the correlating superhero movies (a dream come true in the college world, at least for me)
  • Took a family weekend trip to Boone

  • Baby sister learned to drive (again *cries*)
  • Voted in my first presidential election
  • Best friend got accepted into Hogwarts (delivered by a special anonymous owl *wink wink*)
  • Had a MAGICALLY WONDERFUL time at the happiest place on earth!!! (Magic Kingdom and Epcot!)
  • Developed a new love for Star Wars
  • Started learning Italian (buongiorno!)
  • Made all A’s and B’s
  • Celebrated a wonderful and very merry Christmas at home with my favorite people in the entire world

And just like that, it’s a new year!  A whole new year full of new experiences, new people, new places, new knowledge, new accomplishments. I am QUITE excited about this new year. I feel different about it, different than I ever have. I feel like some big things are going to happen this next year. Maybe not big to other people, but big for me. And I’m ready, ready take this year on head first! Let’s do this 2017!

What is something you are looking forward to in the new year?

xoxo Ariana


Helene in Between
This post was part of Helene’s (from link up party! Thank you so much for hosting this Helene!! It was my first link-up EVER so I already have a New Year’s Resolution checked off  ✔

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Summer Concerts| 2016

By on August 14, 2016

For some people, music is the way to the soul. The way inside their brains. You ever hear that when you listen to a person’s favorite song/band/album, you’re discovering their inner thoughts? I like to think that that is somewhat true. It IS partially true for me. Coming in second to books, music really can be a huge gaping window into my soul (hello random lyric tweets). Both of my parents had some musical background and I grew up being involved somehow in music. I was in the school band in elementary school (snare drum, ode to dad), I went to my parents choir/band rehearsals at church and learned the words and music, I played guitar throughout high school, I took music classes in college learning about music history, etc. Music is important to me and while it may not be THE most important thing, it’s something I feel connected to. It’s something I can bond with my dad over. I love it.

Which brings me to the whole point of this post.

Everyone know summer concerts are the best. And I just so happened to attend my two summer concerts back to back.

In the middle of July was the big one, the band I love so so much, the band that only my BFF (Hey Abby, love ya) understands how much I love them (because she does too of course), the band that uses their rugged good looks, Aussie accents, and amazingly wonderful talent to take the world by storm. That’s right. You already know.

5 Seconds of Summer.

Abby and I have now been to both their headlining tours and saw them when they opened for 1D. And we plan to keep going. Because we love them that much. (See last years post here!)

I brought my sister and we also took our other friend, so there were four of us, plus a couple people we met there. We got there at 10 AM (first come first serve) because I surprised my sister for her birthday with soundcheck tickets! Which means we got to sit in while they played a few songs and answered questions from the crowd. They were so kind to the people who asked questions and in such a great mood!

Now. These boys decided to come to North Carolina….in JULY. The middle of July. And it was the week that the highs were hitting 98 degrees. And we were sitting outside, on concrete, with about a couple hundred other girls waiting to go in. Thank the good Lord (seriously) that they had Dippin’ Dots and water (even if it was overpriced)! After they started letting people in and we weren’t just sitting there, the heat wasn’t too bad. After soundcheck we kinda just chilled in the pavilion and got food until it was time for the show.

PS: No camera with detachable lenses were allowed in the venues so all of these pics are from my phone which is why the quality is not so good.


Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset














Then. The NEXT day was my sister’s most looked forward to concert.

You’ve probably never thought a violin concert could be fun huh? Well if you knew Lindsey Stirling, she would definitely change your mind about that.

Now I have a wide range of music I like (oldies, classical, 80s, classic rock, alternative, show tunes, soundtrack, pop, country, etc.). I generally don’t like R&B, rap, club music or techno so much. But I know that it could be somebody’s favorite and the artists are still artists. It’s just not my taste but I have respect for it.

My sister LOVES Lindsey Stirling (YouTube Channel here, check her out!). I had seen her in some of Pentatonix and Peter Hollens’ videos, but now I know a lot more of her music. She uses dance, visual arts, and different genres of music with her violin over it to make these really amazing pieces. Her show turned out to be AMAZING as well.

I wasn’t sure what I expected but I was thoroughly, thoroughly impressed! Her musicians, her dancers, the lights, the visual art, and the dance she used to encompass and really tell different stories was incredible. And, she’s just really personable and funny! Her opener, Carah Faye, is also amazing and super cool so go check her out too!IMG_1199IMG_1209



So that was my two extremely busy days filled with good people, good music, and good vibes. What were your summer concerts or ones you wish you could have attended?

Also, I’m back from vacation (post coming soon) so regular posts will be back soon!

xoxo Ariana

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5 Seconds of Summer ROWYSO Tour!!!

By on September 11, 2015

Concerts are, in my opinion, one of (if not the) best natural highs a person can experience. You get to sing some of your favorite songs with the people who wrote them, who play them, who sing them, in the same room with a bunch of other people who are there for the same reason as you. If you’ve ever been to a concert of anyone you are remotely excited about, you know exactly what I’m talking about. The moment you walk into the arena is one of the best moments and finding your seats are even better. The excitement, the anticipation, and if you’re really excited, the near tears. The squealing with your friends. The jumping. The never ending smiling with the ache in your cheeks. There’s a bubbly feeling you get in your chest that is unlike any other and that alone is reason enough for me to love concerts.

So, I don’t know about you, but I LOVE music. I also happen to like many different bands. But, right now (and for the past year almost) my favorite band is 5 Seconds of Summer. Last night my very best friend and I got the chance to see them! In other word, be prepared for a bunch of pictures y’all. We had gotten VIP tickets (thankfully my best friend Abby is smart and gutsy) so we got there around 4 and we heard them sound checking which was so cool! We waited in like for about 2 and a half hours (even though we didn’t need to, we just didn’t have anything else to day) and literally 30 minutes before the gates were supposed to open, it started pouring rain. Thankfully there was an awning that we had been standing under but everybody rushed to the awning when it started raining. THANKFULLY I was in the middle and there was a dad behind us who had an umbrella and used it as a shield (I thanked him haha). They wouldn’t allow cameras with detachable lenses (according to a sign outside but I definitely saw some in there) however its probably a good thing I couldn’t because I accidentally left the battery charging at home (oops). That also meant that I could relax and enjoy the show more without worrying about getting good pictures with my camera! I got some good ones with my phone though!IMG_7347


We knew we were gonna be kind of close to the stage but we had absolutely no idea how close we actually were (and neither did half the girls sitting around us). We were literally right to the left of the catwalk. IMG_7646

We sat in our seats for awhile just talking with the other girls seated around us. We also saw these guys put on harnesses and climb up these rope ladders on both sides of the stage. We were all like “What the heck are they doing?!” We though something might be wrong with the lights but no. After two guys went up on both sides, they pulled up the ladders and they had chairs up there! They operated those lights sitting up there all night!

We started to get antsy so we got up and went to buy merchandise (also because we were afraid they were going to run out of sizes and stuff like that). We also met up with our friends, two of whom rode with us on the way there. We were also really thirsty and hungry so we went and found food (which was free popcorn). Hey Violet was the opener but we weren’t really that big on seeing them perform, it wasn’t a big deal. But we went back to our seats anyway, except it was super loud (duh I know) and my ears were already ringing! And last year, at the One Direction concert, One Direction sounded like chipmunks when they talked and we figured it was because the opener (which just so happened to be 5SOS) was so loud. So Abby and I went and found tables just outside the entrance and were gonna wait until their set ended. Except I saw lightning and it started pouring again. The poor people in the lawn got completely drenched and soaked.

FINALLY it was show time. So here come the pictures!! Enjoy!

IMG_7368 IMG_7351They were all in such a good mood! Another one of the best parts of a concerts is the moment they walk out and the crowd is so hyped up for the first song, and you realize that they’re actually real and right in front of you!

IMG_7373 IMG_7392 IMG_7398 IMG_7403I am definitely an Ashton girl (insert heart eyes emoji) but his face was blocked by one of his cymbals so I relied on the big screen to see him! But I SO love the other boys, oh my goodness. Luke loved our side of the stage, he kept looking at our row because we were all dancing and jumping while the row in front of us wasn’t really. He kept coming to our side, it was GREAT!

IMG_7413 IMG_7421 IMG_7442 IMG_7450 IMG_7461 IMG_7489 IMG_7499During their song Rejects, they take a fan on stage to rock out on the guitar or bass for a second and the girl that they picked was RIGHT BESIDE US! Abby even thought they picked her for a second. (I told ya they liked our side) But the girl was so nice and she did pretty good!







As you can see, Calum started the show with a flannel on. However, it had been stormy and it’s still summer in the south. It was hot, humid, and unbelievably muggy. I was sweating so much, it was disgusting. So he left the stage to change shirts, which ended up being inside out. So later, he left the stage AGAIN to make it right. It was pretty funny!

They closed the show with their cover of What I Like About You (which is lowkey my jam) and our whole section started rocking out and just dancing and have the BEST time and Luke came over and sang to us and danced with us while playing the guitar and it was just amazing! The boys did a TREMENDOUS job.IMG_7571 IMG_7573 IMG_7575This was the final bow (which they had to do twice because Ashton was late on the first one because he was acting goofy and then Michael accidentally hit him in the face) AND THIS IS THE BEST PART. So after the final bow, they usually toss out their guitar picks and drumsticks. Apparently they did that (I didn’t see it) BUT then Luke and Ashton started high fiving people! Luke hit Abby’s hand and she was so happy and I was happy for her and trying to take pictures but then… Ashton ran over to our side and I literally trampled over the girl beside us (who also went on stage) but I could only think about getting to him! AND HE TOUCHED MY HAND!!!!! I know, I know, it’s a little bit crazy how fangirly it was but who cares?!?! He’s my favorite and he touched my hand!!!! Which then I proceeded into a small state of shock, with shaking hands, quivering lips, and tears streaming down my face. I got real emotional. (And every time I’ve talked about it since then I’ve at least teared up, if not let a few tears slip by). Then I fiercely apologized to the girl I basically ran over but she was so cool about it (thank goodness) and she didn’t even care cause she understood!!

We got together with our friends and went to go get a drink at McDonald’s while fangirling over what we had all just experienced. Abby and I didn’t go to sleep until about 1:00 AM but that’s expected. I was so tired. I also proceeded to have a long recurring dream about the concert and afterwards, which was very awesome.

So see?! Concerts bring people together, where you understand someone running you over to get to their fave, dancing and singing with your best friends and strangers, right in front of the wonderful people who bring you the music! I’m so thankful I got to have this experience and I wouldn’t have had it without my best friend. There is also NO ONE in the entire world I would have rather been there with.



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