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The Girl Behind the Blog

By on June 2, 2017

Hey y’all! So things may look a little different around here if you are a returning read (hi, hello thank you for returning!). I decided to update some things and it’s still a work in progress! It is now summer time (even though I’m taking a couple summer classes this month) and I am so […]

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By on December 12, 2016

Disney Moments. You don’t know until it happens. In a Disney Moment, you are overcome with joy. There is happiness, love, and goodness on everyone’s faces. You wish you could snapshot that instant that you realize its happening. Sometimes you catch it in a photograph but it’s never the same as in the moment, much […]

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Meet My Best Friend

By on November 19, 2016

So it’s about time I officially introduce my best friend! In a little over a week, we are going on a suuuuuuper exciting trip together and she will probably be in 90% of the pictures so I figured why not let y’all get to know her first! You may have seen her in some posts […]

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