1 Year Blogiversary!

July 17, 2016

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Today marks one year of blogging for me! It is so crazy that it has already been a whole year. I still clearly remember sitting down and setting up my own little space of internet here. It’s still a learning experience for me. I have this vision in my head of where I want this blog to be and I’m not there yet, but that’s okay! It has only been a year. I’m pretty proud of this lil’ ole blog. I’m happy that my friends and family support it (even though they kinda have to).

I have honestly learned so much. I’ve learned a lot that hasn’t exactly taken visible action around here but that’s gonna change soon! I promise! I’ve found so many other bloggers that I love and can’t wait to get more active in the blogging community. I have also only really begun to realize how much hard work goes into a successful blog and gained some serious respect for professional bloggers!

This next year, I have some goals for myself that I would like to reach and I want to take this more seriously. I’m having a great time sharing on here, letting that part of me that likes to write have fun. It’s just fun and something that I really enjoy!

I just want to say, if you’re reading this at all, thank you so much! (and thank you mom for being my #1 reader since literally day 1)! I cannot wait to see where the next year of blogging takes me!

Here’s to another year!

xoxo, Ariana

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