21 Things At 21

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Good morning everyone! Guess what?! Ya girl turns twenty-one today. Yup. I feel extremely old actually. It’s kind of a weird birthday. Still considered young but actually kind of an adult, an actual twenty-something! Anyways, last year I shared 20 Things I Learned By 20 and I really enjoyed doing that post! So, seeing as this year it’s a milestone, here is 21 Things at 21!

  1. Being alone is okay.
  2. Even if you are good at being alone, you can still get lonely. Which is okay too.
  3. Having standards is good.
  4. Strawberry cheesecake is the bomb dot com.
  5. Family is everything.
  6. You will have doubts about your future but pray about it and keep pushing.
  7. Life is coming faster and faster. It’s fun and exciting, but also kinda scary all in one.
  8. Pink is-and will always be- the best, most happy color ever.
  9. You probably won’t stop caring what others think by tomorrow. Just try to care less and less each day.
  10. Planner stickers make everything better.
  11. God has a plan, seek Him in everything you do.
  12. Making time for your old hobbies is important, so don’t forget about them.
  13. Soft blankets make the world go around.
  14. Hard work does (and will) pay off.
  15. Splurging on a Starbucks every once in awhile won’t break the bank.
  16. Sometimes a “me” day is necessary.
  17. Painting is very relaxing.
  18. It is very very VERY important to keep up with finances.
  19. You’re never too old to learn a new language.
  20. Disney is still the best form of happiness.
  21. Being 100% yourself is the best possible way to go through life.

xoxo Ariana


Spring Semester 2017 Goals

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Hey y’all! I hope everyone has had a great first week of 2017! As I write this over the weekend, soaking up my last few days of winter break, I was inspired by this post on Dani Dearest‘s blog!

I’ve never set goals for myself (at least outside of my own head) for the semester. I just finished my first semester at my new school and I loved it. The campus, my classes, the people, everything. LOVE my school. But there were a ton of things I was excited to do once I transferred that didn’t really happen in the first semester. Obviously, I knew I wasn’t going to do everything in the first semester but I wasn’t fully satisfied with what I did do. I was a bit scared and timid and mostly focused on settling into everything. (Universities are way different than community college! Maybe I’ll do a post about that…)

So, I’ve decided to set semester goals for myself and I’m posting them here to hold myself accountable! But also to inspire someone else to set semester goals (or any goals)!

Get all A’s and B’s in my classes

This has been and always is my number one goal! I love school, I love learning, and I love the sense of accomplishment when I get good grades. Especially if the class is hard! Grades are the key to getting that degree, which is the whole point of being in college!

Attend a Delight Bible Study session

Delight Ministries


Delight Ministries is an all women’s Bible study group that has a chapter at my school. (They have many chapters at so many different colleges around the country! Just check out their website here to search for yours! I actually know a few girls already involved. I wanted to attend last semester but it just didn’t work out. They meet on days that are difficult for me to make it to. However, with my new schedule this semester, it should be easier and I want to make an effort to attend!

Make new friends

Now, this goal may seem silly to some people. I don’t know about y’all but I’m shy. I’ve definitely improved with talking to people and I’m pretty good about making “semester” friends with people seated around me in my classes (especially when the teacher makes you work in groups) but extending the friendships out of the classroom is where I really struggle. I chalk it up to two things: being a commuter and being introverted (more on both of these in a later post). It gets lonely on campus sometimes so I would really like to make a few solid friends this semester!

Look for study abroad opportunities

I LOVE traveling. While I am a very amateur traveler (never out of the US, typically family vacays, etc.), I can feel deep down how much I want to travel. There are SO many places that I want to visit. What better way than to get college credit and learn while I’m there?! I would really like to study abroad sometime in my college career. I have to keep a look out on the website and maybe even talk to an advisor to get some planning done in advance. (This leads me to my next goal)

Save $10 of every pay check

Saving money is always a great idea and always a goal of mine.Whether it be for study abroad, paying off student loans, or just saving to save up. I want to be more hands on about saving my money for the future!



Hopefully, this list has inspired something in you to set goals for yourself! I think setting goals is wonderful, even if you don’t accomplish them. I get bored when I’m not working towards something. At the end of the semester, I’m going to revisit this and see what I’ve accomplished! Here’s to a new semester!


What are your goals for the semester or for the whole year?! I would love to hear your goals!

xoxo Ariana




2016 RECAP

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Wow, I cant believe it’s already a new year! 2016 was a big year for me. So many amazing, incredible, once in a lifetime things happened to me and I’m so blessed for it all! Let’s have a recap, shall we?


Things that happened in 2016:

  • Turned 20 years old
  • Met Sadie Robertson at her book signing which resulted in the funniest picture EVER
  • The Panthers made it to the Super Bowl (gotta represent the home team!)
  • Graduated with a 2 year degree (at the same time my cousin graduated with hers!)
  • Baby sister turned 16 *cries*

  • Traveled to Nashville for the first time (You can read about it here,here, and here!)
  • Got accepted into my #1 school
  • Road tripped with my mom, sister, and best friend to Atlanta to meet Kian &JC on tour
  • Got Abby hooked on Teen Wolf
  • Took my sister with myself and Abby to soundcheck at the 5SOS concert
  • Went with my family to see Lindsey Stirling perform the next day (read about both concerts here!)

  • Had all four of my wisdom teeth removed
  • Traveled to Baton Rouge and New Orleans, where I check off a life bucket list item of eating at Cafe Du Monde
  • Had the annual family beach trip to Sanibel immediately after

  • FREAKED OUT over the PLL summer finale
  • Got obsessed with a handful of amazing new television shows
  • Celebrated my one year blogiversary!
  • Babysat A TON (and I wouldn’t have had it any other way, love those kiddos!)
  • Traveled back to Atlanta with my dad and sister for Dragon Con (and met some of Hollywood’s finest)

  • Started my first semester at my new school
  • Took a “Children’s Literature” course that was about comic books and superheroes and the homework was to watch the correlating superhero movies (a dream come true in the college world, at least for me)
  • Took a family weekend trip to Boone

  • Baby sister learned to drive (again *cries*)
  • Voted in my first presidential election
  • Best friend got accepted into Hogwarts (delivered by a special anonymous owl *wink wink*)
  • Had a MAGICALLY WONDERFUL time at the happiest place on earth!!! (Magic Kingdom and Epcot!)
  • Developed a new love for Star Wars
  • Started learning Italian (buongiorno!)
  • Made all A’s and B’s
  • Celebrated a wonderful and very merry Christmas at home with my favorite people in the entire world

And just like that, it’s a new year!  A whole new year full of new experiences, new people, new places, new knowledge, new accomplishments. I am QUITE excited about this new year. I feel different about it, different than I ever have. I feel like some big things are going to happen this next year. Maybe not big to other people, but big for me. And I’m ready, ready take this year on head first! Let’s do this 2017!

What is something you are looking forward to in the new year?

xoxo Ariana


Helene in Between
This post was part of Helene’s (from heleneinbetween.com) link up party! Thank you so much for hosting this Helene!! It was my first link-up EVER so I already have a New Year’s Resolution checked off  ✔


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Happy New Year everybody! I hope everyone stayed safe and enjoyed ringing in the new year with people you love! I will have a recap of 2016 up on the blog on Tuesday so look out for that! But today, I have a recap of our day at Epcot a month ago! (Read about our day at the Magic Kingdom!

I know it’s been a couple weeks since the trip but honestly. Finals happened, Christmas happened, just busy life happened. And that’s okay because I have had fun looking back on these pictures (even though it was literally a month ago) and I miss Disney even more! Let’s get on to more Disney Moments in Epcot, shall we?!

We arrived at the gates bright and early, right when they opened. Right when we walked in, Daisy had just walked up so we just took a quick picture with her! It was actually kind of chilly in the morning and I have NEVER been cold in Florida.

Immediately after this we rode Spaceship Earth (the big golf ball) because there was absolutely no wait. We basically were the only people on the ride, which was so cool. I remember riding this as a kid and not really getting it. Actually I felt quite bored. But as an adult and with my best friend, it was actually so cool! One of my favorite parts of the day!

Just like Magic Kingdom, Epcot was decked out for Christmas too. I loved the huge tree, especially the tree topper. The first ride we did was Mission Space, which was one of my favorites when I was little. It was exactly how I remembered it and so so fun. (Just an FYI, it’s not for the faint of heart so LISTEN to all the health warnings they give you at least 500 times before the actual ride.)

We rode the Finding Nemo Ride and Disney Moment: It was soooooo much fun. Both of us love Finding Nemo and genuinely had so much fun on the ride. Then walking around the aquarium, we walked up to this huge tank and couldn’t see anything. We were trying to figure out what animal was in it when a dolphin swam right past my face! I was so surprised and happy y’all. I love dolphins, they are one of my absolute faaaaaaavorite animals ever. Do you have that favorite animal that you often forget is your favorite? But then when you see it, you’re so amazed and in awe and excited that it brings tears to your eyes? No, just me?? Well that’s dolphins for me. Her name was Kyper and she was beautiful!! We also saw some turtles (Abby’s favorite) and manatees! It was so cool, we probably could have stayed in their for hours. We came to Disney and were amazed by sea animals, the irony.

Disney Moment: The Disney worker offered to take our picture and this was where I started to suspect Disney (well Epcot) must have a deal with Nikon or have something against Canon (which is what I use). He offered to take our picture but when he saw my camera he (jokingly) said, Nooo I can’t use a Canon! We were kind of confused but he laughed and said he was kidding!

I also noticed a lot of signs posted around the park for “Nikon Photo Spots”.

We traveled over to England for a bit and I got so excited! We saw this gorgeous heron which surprised a girl in the courtyard when it flew away, it was quite hilarious. We saw a sign that said Mary Poppins was going to be there in like five minutes so we stayed. She was so sweet, talked to me about the color pink (My favorite) and how it reminded her of a chalk drawing Bert did just the other day! She was the best!

By this time, we didn’t really have any fast passes to use so we were on our own time. We kept walking through the countries, just taking it all in. I loved walking around to the other countries and seeing the difference in all of them!

Abby spotted Belle down by the water in France and we literally ran to her. Beauty and the Beast is my favorite princess movie (soooo excited for the new one in March!) and meeting her was number one on our (my) list for the day!! She even said au revoir to me as we left!

Next up we hit Morocco! It was amazing with the smells, the food, the colors, the music, everything! It was really cool to walk through! We also heard this dad and his kids beating on the drums and they were so good that I didn’t even realize at first it was a track being played!


By this time, we were starting to get pretty hungry. If you didn’t know, Epcot has 10 (I think) different countries around the lagoon. If you don’t know, I’m obsessed with Italy. One day, I’m going to travel there. But for now, I’m just learning Italian in school and visiting via Disney World. Let me tell you. I got so giddy just walking in! I felt like I had been transported! We ate at Via Napoli. Abby got spaghetti and meatballs (a classic, can’t go wrong, was very tasty). I got the Chicken Parmesan. IT WAS THE BEST I HAD EVER TASTED. Abby ate half of it because as you can see it was huge. We also both ate some of the spaghetti. And our waitress was so nice! All of the waitstaff was from Italy and she was from this little town on the island of Sardegna. She told us about it and that not very many people have heard of it. It’s a beautiful island and I was so happy that she told us about it!

Photo of Sardegna// source

After we met Anna and Elsa in Norway, we knew that Alice was going to be in England so we headed back that way. We were a little bit early and there was a live band playing so we just sat down and listened for a little bit. The band was called British Revolution and they played quite a few good oldies, all of which I knew! They weren’t really bad either. The sun was starting to set and it was really such a Disney Moment. I sat there looking at every one all around me, dancing, having a great time, without a care in the world. Everyone there was so happy. Good vibes everywhere. There was this beautiful family near us with two little girls. The girls just danced their hearts out, their mom and dad were so happy, and it was such a Disney moment. I loved it.

Alice in Wonderland was one of my faaaaaavorite cartoons growing up. I watched it endlessly. I was really really reaaaaally excited to meet her! I was pleasantly surprised when i walked up and she talked EXACTLY like the cartoon! Her voice, how much, and how quickly she talked! It was incredible! Definitely one of my favorite moments of the day!

We had a fastpass to meet Mickey, Goofy, and Minnie which was super fun! This was when I finally figured out that Epcot really did have something against Canon because the guy who took our pictures with Mickey asked me “Are you guys pirates?” and we both looked at each other like what?! Did he actually say pirates?! So Abby said “Pirates?” and He said “Well because you guys are using a Canon” to which we rolled our eyes and laughed at.

We kinda just sat around until our fastpass for Soarin’, which was another one I had never been on before! It was SO COOL. It was full of Disney magic and also a Disney Moment in itself. It was amazing. We were getting hungry again and it had gotten a lot more crowded than it was earlier. We ended up eating cheeseburgers in America (which were delicious) and then we went to find seats for the fireworks. We were really tired and after the sun set it got cold.

(I am aware of the terrible quality of those last photos, I apologize)

The fireworks were really cool! It was so amazing to be there with Abby. I am so thankful and grateful to have been able to go on this trip with her and Heather, Jack, and Mckenzie! It was so much fun and way too short. I know I will remember it forever and we will have plenty more trips just as amazing in the future!

Also, check out my video of meeting Baymax on Instagram! The link is in the sidebar!

If you stayed this long, I congratulate you. Thank you! What is your favorite Disney park? or better yet, what is your favorite trip you have ever been on! Please let me know in the comments!

xoxo Ariana





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Christmas is over (cue sad face) and you have just survived the biggest wave of the holiday blues. Don’t fret, it’s almost over! I am no stranger to the holiday blues, which basically means not being in a relationship during the holidays. It’s not necessarily fun, especially when you get on Instagram and Twitter to see cute couple pictures every five minutes. It’s even harder during the holidays. So, to help all my fellow single gals (or guys!), I bring to you today five ways to survive being single on New Years Eve. And hey, it’s actually not that bad!

Doing What You Want

The night is yours! Go out with your friends or stay in and marathon the show or movies of your choosing! I have never been a partier so I generally stay in. Where I live, it’s not a huge deal so there hasn’t ever been a huge reason for me to go out. And that’s totally fine! It’s like a holiday to stay in! If you’re not into partying, then there’s no one making you go out! You have unlimited choices of what to do for the night!

Reason to Treat Yourself

And while you’re at it, treat yourself! Take a long hot bubble bath, do a facemask, eat your favorite foods, watch that new show you’ve been wanting to try, paint your nails, anything! There’s no one to impress, take the night for yourself and have a huuuuuge pamper sesh while you watch the ball drop!

Going to bed at any time

I don’t know about you, but I’m basically a 90 year old grandma. I go to bed right around midnight usually. After the ball drops, you can go to bed or stay up and do whatever your heart desires! But the point is, the choice is yours! You don’t have the pressure of holding someone else up or waiting until someone else is ready to leave! And also, if you have a night in, you can wear whatever you want. In my opinion, you should wear whatever you want regardless of being single or not but it’s sometimes easier to be more comfortable in whatever clothes you want as a single person!

Great Time To Flirt 

Remember that guy you have had your eye on? Yeah girl, him! What better time to get gutsy and flirt! You’re not attached to anyone else and you don’t have anyone to kiss at midnight! You may even end up like Cinderella, a girl who dared to dream and met her prince with all the magic until midnight! You might even start a new relationship! Just take the chance, you have nothing to lose! Which brings me to my next point…

No Stress About NYE Kiss

This is obviously the first place everyone’s mind goes. If you don’t take the chance to kiss them, guess what? It’s still okay!  I have never had a New Year’s kiss. And I’m totally fine with it! Yeah, it’s not ideal but it’s not even a big deal! The moment is over within literally a second! So don’t worry about it if you don’t have a “designated” NYE kisser. And you know, if you’re into it, this is a great time to kiss someone new without much pressure of a relationship!


Remember, the single life isn’t all bad! This won’t be forever. God has your life and the person you are meant to be with (and when) already planned out! It’s in His hands so don’t worry about it! Surround yourself with people who love you and people you enjoy, and you will totally forget your relationship status! Relationships are not everything, just live in the moment and have fun! What’s are your plans for NYE? Do you have any more tips?

xoxo Ariana





I don’t know about you guys but with finals going on for the past week, it’s been hard to get all my Christmas shopping done. Lucky for me, my mom shared her amazing DIY gift idea with me! Y’all, I’m not lying to you. It’s SO easy and pretty inexpensive!

I went by this tutorial although I changed some things.

What you need:

  • Etching glass solution (found at Michaels and Hobby Lobby)
  • A glass
  • Painters tape
  • Stencil stickers
  • Small paint brush
  • Gloves and eye protection

Generally I think you can use any glass container! For this gift idea however, we recycled candle jars from Bath and Body Works and used those.

Step One: 

Clean your glass with isopropyl rubbing alcohol so there are no smudges or fingerprints. We also washed our glasses out with soap and water before just for good measure!

Step Two:

Put your stencil where you want it, make sure it’s straight and use the painters tape to block off the parts of the glass that you do not want etched. We didn’t have any painters tape so we just used shipping/masking tape.

Step Three: 

After it’s all taped up, put gloves and eye protection on. There were some safety gloves next to the etching solution at the store but I think you can also use plastic gloves. Gardening gloves work too because that’s what we used! It’s really important to wear gloves. This solution is highly acidic os be careful! Then take a small paintbrush and dip it in the etching solution. Pat it on the stencil until you have a pretty thick layer. I found that patting it on made the solution stay better than actually brushing. Brushing made it kind of wipe off and that’s not what you want! So I patted on a thick layer and made sure I couldn’t see the outline of the letter anymore.

Step Four:

Now time let it sit for 5 minutes. I timed this on my phone. It was suggested in the tutorial I went off of to swirl (or just tap more) on the solution two times during the five minutes. Once after a minute and a half (3:30 minutes) and once when there is only a minute and a half left (1:30).

Step Five:

There is no harm in leaving it on for longer than five minutes so do not feel rushed! After the time is up, wash it off with a ratty old washcloth and hot water. Then peel the tape and stencil off.

It may take a second to fully show up. We couldn’t tell if it had actually worked until a few moments after but they turned out really good! I was so pleased to see how nicely they turned out! You can use as many letters as you want or even other stencils that you can find! We just wanted to use one letter for the initial.

Step Six:

Fill it with goodies! Put inexpensive but nice little things in there like a bath bomb, a small candle, hand sanitizer, jewelry, anything! This would be such a lovely gift for a friend, your sister, mom, cousin, anyone! It’s inexpensive and thoughtful! They will appreciate the time and effort put into making it!



I think it turned out so nicely! A special thank you to my mom for her idea and her help with this project! If you recreate these, let me know how they turned out! What are some other last minute gift ideas?

xoxo Ariana




I loveeee vlogmas. Like blogmas, on YouTube, Youtubers decide to daily vlog from December 1-December 24, all Christmas-y! I always look forward to catching up on Christmas vlogs every year, at the end of my day. Or even if I can’t keep up, I binge watch my favorites the week after Christmas.

Today I bring you my top three that I love watching!

  1. Zoella- Zoe Sugg

It is no secret that Zoe is my favorite YouTuber to watch. I’m pretty sure I have mentioned her on the blog before. She is just so adorable, so funny, relatable, AND an avid Christmas lover! She does vlogmas every year and hers are my number one favorites every year! Last year and this year, she has also done 24 Days of Zoella on her main channel , where she posts a new Christmas main channel video every day until Christmas! I love watching her Christmas fun with her friend Mark, boyfriend Alfie, and cutest pug Nala!

2. Aspyn and Parker 

I watch Aspyn and Parker regularly and I just love them. They have been married for over a year and I love watching their adventures together! They travel the world and have their own store https://lucaandgrae.com/. They sell the cutest clothes and shoes, it’s amazing y’all. Their vlogmas videos are so adorable and I love Aspyn’s Christmas decor with bright and modern colors!

3. Morgan Yates

Y’all, I love Morgan. Maybe it’s because she is also from North Carolina or maybe because we have the same level of sarcasm but she is just so fun to watch. Her style and Instagram are #goals to be honest. She’s in college (like me) therefore I find her videos really relatable and honest! She also has a fun main channel .Her vlogmases are so cute in her house with all her roommates and at home with her family. I love following her adventures!


There ya have it! Three fun and completely different vlogmases to watch and get you in the Christmas spirit! These are only 3 that I watch, there are definitely more that I watch sometimes! Life is so busy that right now 3 is all I can keep up with for right now!


Whose vlogmas do you love to watch?! Or have you ever watched vlogmas before? Let me know!

xoxo Ariana



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Disney Moments. You don’t know until it happens. In a Disney Moment, you are overcome with joy. There is happiness, love, and goodness on everyone’s faces. You wish you could snapshot that instant that you realize its happening. Sometimes you catch it in a photograph but it’s never the same as in the moment, much like many other moments in life. You want to remember that exact moment, how it felt, how it looked, and even how it smelled sometimes.

I’m going to share with you many of my Disney moments from my trip to Disney World’s Magic Kingdom!

The place where dreams truly do come true. I could honestly go on and on and ON about my affection for Walt Disney. Maybe I’ll do a post on it sometime in the future! But I know why you’re here, you wanna see pictures!! And boy oh boy do I have pictures. We woke up at the crack of dawn to be there when the gates open! I honestly felt like I was back in my eight year old body riding the monorail for the first time. Wonder, anticipation, excitement, and pure joy in my eyes, my hands, my feet. There is nothing like it!

It took less than 10 minutes for Disney Moment number one. We walked right in, we got our Minnie ears and to our surprise, Minnie was right in front of the Christmas tree (which is the Christmas tree dreams are made of honestly)! Also, while we were in line, the trolley came by with dancers who were singing Christmas songs right in front of the train station! Everyone was so happy, it was a beautiful day, I was with my best friend celebrating her birthday and our friends Heather and Jack with their daughter McKenzie, who all had never been before. It made tears swell in my eyes because I was just so happy to be there in that moment!

Heather, who you saw in my Universal photos, has the most adorable little girl McKenzie, who ran straight into Minnie’s arms! I’m SO happy I caught this magical moment in general but also for Heather! It reminds me of the old Disney commercials that played when I was little! THIS is a Disney Moment. McKenzie will love this picture when she grows up!

These are some of my FAVORITE photos from the trip. It was amazing! One of my favorite things about Disney World is that the characters take time with each and every member of your group. Not just the kids either! Minnie danced and played with me and Abby! We were celebrating Abby’s birthday and every character made her experience special! The worker taking pictures told us to kiss Minnie on the cheek and I’m pretty sure this is mine AND Abby’s favorite picture from the whole trip!

Disney Moment: I remember while taking these pictures an overwhelming joy. I was in Disney with my BEST FRIEND for her first time! You can clearly see the happiness pouring out of this photo.

Disney Moment: Walt Disney is one of my favorite people in history (ever since I did a book report on his biography in the 4th grade)  and seeing this stature, almost made me emotional again! It’s so incredible how one man dreamed of all of this and it became so much bigger than he ever anticipated!

My mom’s favorite is Winnie the Pooh so I was happy to see Pooh and Tigger!

And of course we had to ride The Haunted Mansion! Cue the next…

Disney Moment: Immediately after The Haunted Mansion, Abby heard music and saw floats (it was kind of a blur) and Heather, Abby, and I sprinted to the street to see the parade! We instantly turned into 5 year olds, trying to find the best spot, running, laughing, waving to our favorite characters!

DOUBLE Disney Moment: All five of us rode Aladdin’s Magic Carpets, Abby and I in the front, Heather, Jack, and McKenzie in the back. The front has a switch that controls the up and down of the carpet. If you don’t know, there is a camel figure that spits out water and if you’re not careful, you could put your carpet directly in front of it! Well Abby controlled the switch and accidentally put us in front of it twice! I just remember us laughing our heads off uncontrollably because it got all over Jack and Abby! I looked down and saw the lady in the booth, who helped us to out carpet, looking up at everyone and at us with the biggest smile on her face! It was such a happy moment.

Right after that, we got in line to meet Aladdin and Jasmine. Abby had been talking about this moment all day. Aladdin is her favorite movie and this was all she wanted to do! Watching Aladdin and Jasmine interact with everyone was so cool but I was just so happy for Abby when it was her turn! Look at her cheesing! Its the cutest picture ever! (Also, Aladdin has that crooked smile down pat!)

Meeting Tiana was probably my favorite character of the day! She was so welcoming, so easy to talk to, and just so fun!

Disney World is magical. I really think it’s like a whole other world. It feels like you’ve stepped into a world where time doesn’t really exist. Everyone is so happy there. It’s the place where you can ask strangers to take your picture, no matter how strange, and it’s totally fine! It’s not weird to be a child even if you are wayyyy past that. It’s acceptable to sing loudly, to run to a parade, or cry happy tears over your favorite characters.


“Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever.” -Walt Disney


Have you ever been to Disney? What’s your favorite Disney moment?!


xoxo Ariana




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Universal Studios Orlando

Hey y’all! Long time no..blog. Honestly, with school and everything, I got preoccupied and haven’t had time to write! But also, because I went on a super amazing trip to Orlando with my best friend Abby and some other friends for her birthday (this is going up on her birthday so happy birthday Abby!! love ya)! So, I took a million pictures to keep the memories AND to obviously, share with you. So here goes day one, Universal Studios!

Weasley's Wizard Wheezes

The main reason we went to Universal is for Harry Potter World. I will admit that I never read the books, only watched the movies one time AFTER we decided we were going on this trip, etc. So its safe to say I’m late to the party. But Abby LOVES Harry Potter. I was a bit unsure of how much fun I would have because I’m not a hardcore fan but it was amazing! The attention to detail and the likeness to the movies was incredible.

I instantly felt transported to Diagon Alley. It was almost breathtaking. I felt like Harry, Ron, or Hermione were just going to pop out from around the corner! The dragon on top of Gringotts, the music, the hustle and bustle. It was so cool. I also liked how they sort of hid Diagon Alley from the “muggles” like the movies because we walked right past it the first time! The ride inside of Gringotts Bank was our favorite. It was 3D with glasses and a rollercoaster, which I had never been on anything like that before. We loved it so much, we came back at the end of the day and rode it again!

What’s a trip to Harry Potter World without butterbeer? I was honestly so excited about this beforehand. Even though we went in December, Florida is still hot. And this day was hot AND humid. I’ve definitely been in worse but it was nice to get a frozen butterbeer to cool off! It was actually pretty good. It tasted like butterscotch and caramel. The consensus between the three of us was that we liked the foamy stuff on top more than the actual frozen part(I got a brain freeze three times). It was like a slushy, which was still good but if it hadn’t been so hot, I think I would have liked a hot one better.

We had fun walking around Diagon Alley and playing with the interactive wand parts but by lunch, we decided to go to Island of Adventure where the rest of Harry Potter World was. We initially weren’t going to but we made a spontaneous decision and it was the BEST decision ever. I was also really excited to ride the Hogwarts Express. It’s like you’re actually on it! It’s a ride in itself. which was so cool.

Hogsmeade! The other part of Harry Potter World! It was really cool too. It had the owl post, more shops, and three more Harry Potter rides! I loved (again) how I felt like I was really there!

I snuck off (hehehe) and found a worker to take part in my scheme to surprise Abby with a personalized Hogwarts letter! (I used this post as a base template and went from there). I came up with this idea over the summer and I’m so glad that it went off well! Luckily for me it was easy to get her to do her magic with the wand and my special wizarding friend worked his magic and gave her the letter from a special owl! She loved it and that makes my heart soooo happy!

The Hogwarts castle was so impressive and huge. It was hard not to take a bazillion pictures of it but that’s the first instinct you have! Sadly, the ride inside was closed for maintenance but they let us walk through and take pictures.

Also on Island of Adventure is Seussland! I was so so so excited about this. I grew up with my mom reading Dr. Seuss to me, so I had to take it all in and photograph it even if only for my mom.

The Lorax was my absolute favorite Dr. Seuss story! I would read it and watch the cartoon on our (deep breath) VHS tape over and over and over.

We walked through all the different themed lands. We rode the Hulk (loved it) and the Spiderman ride. We tried to get back to Universal via the Hogwarts express but it broke down so we had to walk all the way back. Aside from that, the entire day was amazing from start to finish and a great first day of the trip! I know Abby and Heather had an amazing time too! I don’t ever want to forget the magic of Harry Potter World, the adrenaline from the Hulk, or even how I hated the King Kong ride. It was a GREAT day! Stay tuned for Disney pics!

What is your favorite amusement park to go to?

xoxo Ariana

Thanksgiving Weekend Wrap-Up

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Happy Thanksgiving! And Black Friday weekend! And school break!! I know I haven’t posted in what feels like forever BUT I’m trying to get back on track! I think y’all can agree with me that the past couple weeks seem to have been a bit crazy for everyone (especially with finals coming up). So I kind of took a week off of posting for Thanksgiving but I’m back now! And I figured I would just the whole weekend in one post and catch y’all up to speed!

My Italian class made cannoli for Thanksgiving! They were pretty good and not hard to make at all actually.

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My dog Baxter was being really cute and sweet when I came home so I took advantage and took cute selfies with him (bc why not?)


Wednesday, I just kind of chilled out and tried to get some studying done, then it was THANKSGIVING! Good food, parades, family, cozy pajamas, everything. It also marks the officially beginning of Christmas time for me!

I woke up early, made pancakes for the family, and watched the parade with my mom and sister (one of our favorite traditions). Then we started to get ready to go help my grandparents fix dinner!

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Also, yeah, we eat Thanksgiving dinner and apparently everybody else east lunch??? I mean I understand, we eat dinner because it works with everybody’s Thanksgiving day schedule but I guess I didn’t realize nobody else ate it for dinner!

Anyways. We had such a good dinner, I got to catch up with Kelsey again! We also celebrated her 21st birthday with the family on Thanksgiving! Her birthday is actually today, so happy birthday Kels!


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The next morning, mom and I woke up to do our Black Friday shopping at the beautiful time of 4:30! We have always gotten up around that time (I like it because it’s still dark) but I think both of us have agreed to sleep in some extra hours next year! We were both d r a g g i n g. We think maybe it’s because we skipped some coffee (which we definitely will never do again) but we got some cute stuff and went back home to take naps for the rest of the day.

We also got our tree this weekend!! So exciting!!!! I looooove Christmas y’all. I’m honestly the happiest girl in the world because there is FINALLY Christmas music on the radio and our house smells like the tree!!






Sunday rolled around and I spent most of the day doing all the work I procrastinated doing the whole break. But this week, I’m going with Abby and our friend Heather to DISNEY!!! Yes, we are going to Disney (AT CHRISTMAS) and I couldn’t be MORE excited! So I’m rushing to get everything done in time!!

If you stayed to read that whole thing, good for you. I know it was a mess. Before I go, I just want to say I am so so grateful to have this little space to write and share my life! I love the friends I’m making on the way and am so thankful that this is even possible (yay internet!). How was your Thanksgiving weekend? Did you go shopping on Black Friday?! Let me know in the comments!


xoxo Ariana