Farewell Summer Of 2016

Ariana   September 19, 2016   No Comments on Farewell Summer Of 2016

Ahhh Summer. You’re such a good ole’ friend to me. We’ve had twenty years of of fun adventures every year, this year being no different. We had some crazy adventures this year, summer! Let’s take a look back on all the fun we had. To start, I graduated with my Associates Degree and got accepted into an amazing university where… Read more »

Letting My Inner Geek Out

  Geek. A word that is commonly used as a stereotype. For example, geeks are typically deemed as super smart but no common sense or extremely nonathletic or having terrible social skills. The key word in all of this is stereotype. Everybody geeks out about something! History, books, comic books and super heroes, movies, science, musicals, heck you could even geek… Read more »

Tips For A New College Semester

Its that time again! I don’t know about you, but I always always always loved the “back to school” part of the year! It was always so exciting, new classes, new supplies, seeing friends again and maybe making new ones! I have always loved school (which may or may not have something with now majoring in education). Lots of you… Read more »

Vacay Recap: NOLA and Florida |2016


As you guys know, this girl loves a road trip and loves to travel. (Maybe not so much a 12 hour drive less than a week after having wisdom teeth removed but its all good anyways). My dad had a trip to Louisiana so we piled into the car and started our vacation early. After he was done with his… Read more »

Summer Concerts| 2016

For some people, music is the way to the soul. The way inside their brains. You ever hear that when you listen to a person’s favorite song/band/album, you’re discovering their inner thoughts? I like to think that that is somewhat true. It IS partially true for me. Coming in second to books, music really can be a huge gaping window… Read more »

Kian and JC: Don’t Try This At Home Tour


So my amazingly wonderful best friend, Abby, got us tickets to see two YouTubers we really like, Kian and JC as a graduation present! So earlier this month, my mom, sister, Abby, traveled to Atlanta for the show! She also snagged some meet and greet tickets so we got to meet them and get a picture! OH and get a copy… Read more »

Why I Started Blogging| 2016

Why start a blog? What is a blog? What is it like? These are questions that I sometimes get from friends or family members about blogging. And actually, about a year ago I was asking these same questions myself.   I had somehow  discovered the YouTuber Zoella (who I still adore, follow, and love) and watched all of her videos…. Read more »